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Finally, Outsourcing Success Made Simple!

Introducing A Practical Guide For Running Your Outsourcing Engagements (Without Throwing Your Money Down A Black Hole)

The book by Nick Krym, a seasoned CTO and offshore outsourcing expert, "Outsource It!: A No-Holds-Barred Look at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Offshoring Tech Projects," tells you everything you need to know about outsourcing—from the moment you think it might be a good idea, to the end of the project, when your work is completed. In Outsource It! you'll discover:

Get on board with outsourcing – or get left behind

Information Technology is the key to any successful business in any industry. From small startups to multinational corporations, almost every company relies on IT to drive product development, sales, online marketing strategy, customer service, and other aspects of the business. And when it comes to the world of IT, offshore outsourcing is practically unavoidable.

Offshore outsourcing can reduce operating expenses, decrease time to market, provide access to a flexible workforce or hard to find skills. For many companies a successful outsourcing strategy resulted in skyrocketing revenues, record-breaking delivery timelines, and an unsurpassed quality of products.

Many companies that failed to embrace outsourcing found their market share diminishing and their profits and share price plummeting.

Nothing is as easy as it looks (Murphy's First Law).

Companies opt to outsource for good reason. Offshore outsourcing offers a huge supply of IT talent that's paid wages three to five times lower than in the USA, the commoditization of technologies, and an improved telecommunication infrastructure. It seems a sure bet. Vast majority of corporate America and large number of small to midsized businesses moved software development, quality assurance and other aspects of IT offshore.

We've all heard about the companies that achieved mind-blowing savings and amazing ROI with outsourcing. But these stories have been outnumbered by tragic tales of organizations that poured money offshore just to lose customer loyalty and satisfaction, see projects fail, and lose money rather than save it.

Offshore outsourcing is one of the most powerful tools in the hands of IT leaders today, but it is also a very complex tool that—if not properly handled—can misfire, creating direct and collateral damage. A failed outsourcing engagement may cost your company its place in the market, as well as your career and possibly your job.

Outsourcing comes with risks, and unleashing its power requires in-depth understanding and knowledge. Diving head-first into offshore outsourcing without understanding the internal forces and idiosyncrasies of offshoring could be extremely expensive. You owe it to yourself to gain the required knowledge before you make the plunge; on-the-job-learning can be far too painful.

Insider look at outsourcing

Unlike many outsourcing "experts," Nick Krym is a technology professional who has worked all sides of outsourcing—from offering his services as a freelancer, to running "outsourced" teams that develop software for clients, to buying the services of offshore vendors ranging from freelancers and small companies to multi-billion-dollar corporations.

Nick has spent most of his 25+ years in information technology running distributed teams and delivering software in a high-paced / high-pressure environment. As he puts it: "If there was a mistake to be made in running offshore teams, I made it—and I have the burned fingers and grotesque scars on my back to prove it."

Nick's book takes the lessons he learned the hard way and turns them into an easy-to-read, practical guide for technology professionals. Follow it step by step—from making the decision whether to outsource to bringing the engagement to a successful closure—to get the most from your engagements.

Pragmatic guide to success in offshore outsourcing

"Outsource It! A No-Holds-Barred Look at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Offshoring Tech Projects" lays out a practical strategy for starting and leading offshore technology engagements. It offers a pragmatic, practical approach to resolving the common traps of outsourcing, and tips, tools, and techniques that are essential to running successful projects.

The book covers all phases of an outsourcing engagement lifecycle – Making the decision whether, what and how to outsourceFinding offshore partners that best match your needs:

In addition, Outsource It! covers how to use metrics, when and how to adjust your methodology, picking a destination, performing technical due diligence, and many other topics.

You get all that in just ~250 pages of easy-to-follow, high-quality content. While most of the topics covered in Outsource It! apply to almost any outsourcing situation, Outsource It! is written primarily for technology professionals; it specifically caters to those working in small- to medium-sized companies or in the technology trenches of large organizations.

What people are saying

The quintessential guide to modern outsourcing, this gem of a book, laced with real-world examples, will appeal to both experts and newbies alike. A must-read for anyone venturing into this territory.

—Manoj Andhappilly, Director of Engineering, Motif Investing, Inc.

I manage several highly distributed development teams, including teams in Russia. Outsource It! is a very pragmatic, easy-to-read "how to" reference, which has practical recommendations for addressing the most common decisions and challenges with outsourced projects. In particular, I liked Nick's observations about cultural differences between popular outsourcing destinations, as it matched my personal experience, and I could clearly relate to many situations described in his book.

—Kirill Abgarian, Program Manager, R&D, Quest Software

If you want to work with outsourcing, Outsource It! is the book you need. All the steps are described, and for each step, a lot of pragmatic tips. If you already work with outsourcing, as I do with offshore projects and freelancers, you will still learn many things.

—Antonio Gomes Rodrigues, Java performance/load testing expert




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